Why should we not rely solely on the nutrition supplied by our food?

Although our food provides nutritional value, it may not fulfill all of our requirements. Soil depletion, pesticides, factory farming, picking produce before ripe, GMO, hybridization and other factors, can impact the critical micronutrient levels in modern food. The negative effect is substantiated by the rise in chronic inflammation, obesity, and poor health. Incorporating new scientific discoveries, Clar8ty has developed products that not only support optimal health but also provide an affordable and convenient solution for busy lifestyles.

How are Clar8ty products superior to what I can purchase in the health food store?

Clar8ty products are based on the latest findings in the fields of Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics, two cutting-edge disciplines that are rapidly changing our perceptions of nutrition and wellness. What Clar8ty offers is a more biologically effective way for people to reach their wellness goals and feel great every day.

How can I track my orders after they have been shipped?

The day after you place an order, the tracking information will be available to you in your Clar8ty online account.

  1. Click Here to log into your Clar8ty account.
  2. Once logged in, click on “Order History” under the Order menu.
  3. Click on “View Summary” to see the details for each order including the shipment tracking information.

What can I do if I am not receiving emails from Clar8ty?

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Add the From address you want to receive mailings from to your Hotmail Safe List:

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The most common way to whitelist an address is to add it to your address book, white list, or safe list. There is no universal way to whitelist an address, so if this is not an option, you will have to consult the help section associated with your email application. They should have instructions on how to whitelist an address there.


What makes Calibr8 unique?

Unlike other solutions that deliver basic nutrients, Calibr8 is designed to target gene expression. This is important because when properly optimized, certain genes produce high levels of their own primary antioxidants and detoxifying enzymes. When cells create these protective elements, the body will utilize them to defend against harmful elements such as free radicals. And the protection occurs right at the source – inside the cells. This process is literally millions of times faster and more powerful than that carried out by conventional supplements, which can be limited by bioavailability and other factors.

How do free radicals damage my body?

As you age, body tissue and cells are harmed by oxidation, a process that releases uncontrolled, unpaired electrically charged molecules known as free radicals into your system. Over time, free radicals can damage the DNA in your cells, causing a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation and poor health.

How do antioxidants improve body function and ultimately my health?

Antioxidants limit free radicals, literally neutralizing these destructive elements within your body. Numerous studies substantiate the abundant health benefits provided by antioxidants. These include minimizing wrinkles, preserving skin texture, protecting skin from sun damage, and reducing incidence of sunburn. Research reveals that antioxidants may play a vital role in the prevention of various degenerative, age-related conditions.

What is the difference between Primary Antioxidants and Secondary Antioxidants?

Primary antioxidants are ‘made by the body’ when genes are activated to defend our cells and DNA. In contrast, secondary antioxidants are derived ‘from your diet’ and first must be successfully absorbed. They play a buffering role in your stomach but the secondary antioxidant molecules are quite bulky. Therefore, only approximately 5-8% of these are delivered to your bloodstream. This low absorption rate can severely limit the ability of secondary antioxidants to reach cells and provide the much-needed defense against harmful free radicals.

Does Calibr8 create Primary or Secondary Antioxidants?

The great news is that Calibr8 delivers both, the core focus being to help support the body’s ability to produce higher levels of its own primary antioxidants. Many times more efficient than secondary antioxidants, they are created at the source of oxidative stress – inside the cells. Focusing on primary antioxidants helps optimize the production of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and companion enzymes, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase, which form your own body’s most potent front line defense. These powerful enzymes reduce free radicals into harmless elements such as oxygen and water.

What does ORAC value mean and why is it an inadequate measure of a product’s antioxidant benefits?

ORAC value is a laboratory measurement of potential antioxidant levels in foods and ingredients. As recent findings of Nutrigenomics have demonstrated, ORAC is an inadequate nutritional yardstick by which to determine benefits because it is a test tube (in vitro) measurement, and not an indication of the active biochemical levels in humans (in vivo). While the value might be high, some of the molecules, such as the polyphenol type, are bulky and are not readily absorbed by the digestive system. A somewhat valuable measure, ORAC has been misused for marketing hype, even though the measurement has no relevance to bioavailability and ultimate use by the body.

What is the field of Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the cutting-edge science focused on the interactions between nutrition and genes. At the heart of Nutrigenomics is a simple concept – our own genes have tremendous innate power to generate primary antioxidants, and therefore affect wellness, health, and the aging process. In essence, we all come perfectly equipped with our own cellular antioxidant generators. Nutrigenomics continues to identify nutrients that optimize this function.

What is the study of Epigenetics?

Derived from the Greek word ‘epi’, meaning above, Epigenetics translates to ‘above genetics’. The science of Epigenetics focuses on how genes express themselves to communicate and influence cell function via up-regulate and down-regulate activity. Epigenetics can refer to environmental, emotional, and nutritional factors that affect gene expression, and are not related to the process of modifying gene sequence.

What is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)?

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is our body’s most potent primary antioxidant. This critical enzyme and its two vital counterparts, Catalase and Glutathione (GPx), reduce free radicals into harmless elements. Unlike external antioxidant supplements, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Catalase, and Glutathione (GPx) are produced by our cells and are millions of times more effective than dietary antioxidants at reducing oxidative stress.

What makes Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics, and SOD so important to our health?

Nutrigenomics reveals the relationship between nutrition and gene expression. Epigenetics reveals gene expression and the influence on cell structure and function. Our Primary Antioxidant system, (SOD) – Superoxide Dismutase, (CAT) – Catalase and (GPx) – Glutathione Peroxidase, form the front line defenses ‘inside’ our cells.

How does Calibr8 capitalize on these new discoveries?

Following the entirely new path to wellness forged by Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics, Clar8ty focused on creating products that activated the body’s own antioxidant generators. Central to our understanding is the fact that primary antioxidants – those made by the body – offer far greater defensive strength than the secondary antioxidants available through supplements.

Are Clar8ty products safe?

Yes, our products are well within the safety levels set by the internationally recognized standard for dietary supplements – ANSI 173.

What safety standards does Clar8ty use?

We make sure all of our products pass the ANSI 173 safety guidelines for heavy metals, as set by the National Sanitation Foundation/American National Standards Institute. In setting their standards, the NSF took into consideration regulatory values and guidelines from around the world, including the U.S. EPA, Health Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. FDA, ATSDR, European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products, International Pharmacopoeia, Expanded Commission E Monographs, U.S. Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia and California EPA Proposition 65.

Are Clar8ty products tested for heavy metals?

Yes, often multiple times. Only if the ingredients pass ANSI 173 specifications are they released into inventory to be put into our products. Once the ingredients are in a finished form, the ingredients are again tested, and only when they pass this rigorous examination are they released for sale.

How are Clar8ty ingredients tested for heavy metals?

Clar8ty ingredients are tested at reputable, independent laboratories in the USA.

Is Calibr8 recommended or designed for children?

Calibr8 is suitable for the whole family. We even offer a kids’ version of our flagship product, Calibr8. This great-tasting drink mix delivers all the health benefits of the adult formula. Plus, it supplies whole food nutrients to support children during their growing years. It’s easy to consume, and an ideal replacement for nutritionally void soda beverages.

When should kids switch to Calibr8 for Adults?

Calibr8 for Adults is recommended for ages 13+.

What is the recommended use for Calibr8?

The recommended use for Calibr8 is one or more servings daily as required.

How does Calibr8 compare with other supplements on the market?

Unlike conventional supplements, Calibr8 doesn’t only supply external antioxidants. Instead, it’s main focus is designed to activate the body’s natural ability to generate primary antioxidants from within. All primary antioxidants remain in your system to carry out their defensive mission. In contrast, most secondary antioxidants delivered by supplements will be redirected into your ‘waste disposal center’ and never enter your bloodstream.

Can I take other supplements with Calibr8?

Sure. This is a personal decision. Calibr8 promotes optimal wellness by addressing the foundations of illness and ailments – chronic inflammation. By focusing on the source of conditions and not the signs and symptoms, Clar8ty products help deliver a diversity of natural benefits. Always consult your health professional if you have concerns.

How will the products interact with my medications?

Please consult your health professional for guidance.

Who will benefit from Calibr8?

Virtually everyone. Clar8ty products offer a full spectrum of benefits. These include increased energy, mental sharpness, toxicity reduction, enhanced stamina, and recovery from athletic exertion. Central to the Clar8ty product is its focus on optimizing primary antioxidant production to combat oxidative stress and acute inflammation. To learn more about inflammation and chronic conditions, click here.

Can I get my Clar8ty products free?

Yes. For complete details on how to get your products free each month, or receive free shipping, please talk to the person who referred you or read more in the Clar8ty Compensation Plan: click here.

Are there any side effects from having someone’s DNA switched on to produce more primary antioxidants?

The fundamental importance is that a nutrigenomic ingredient is not ‘forcing’ a response. Instead it is activating the body’s primary enzymes to return to optimal levels. Everyone’s genes are already coded to regulate, modulate and adapt their function to a state of optimal balance or homeostasis. Essentially, this is the body’s natural process of trying to revert back to its center.

Another important consideration is that our emotions and thoughts play a key role in activating gene expression. Thus, gene expression is psychosomatic explaining why a negative person may naturally have a more ‘acidic’ biochemistry. Bruce Lipton PhD – Biology of Belief: shows how epigenetics is multifaceted with biochemical and bioenergetic indicators.

Is Calibr8 certified organic?

No, although the product is actually organic and clean. Some of the ingredients are wild harvest, and the regions from which they come are not certified to conform with organic requirements. Therefore, we cannot use the label ‘certified’. Please note our product contains no synthetics, no GMO, no herbicide, no pesticide, or soy. We are passionate about purity.

Does Calibr8 increase ATP in the cell?

Indirectly, yes. An “increase” in glutathione levels improves ATP production. When glutathione gets too low in the muscle cells, the levels of oxidizing free radicals rise. These react with parts of the cell’s “machinery” (mitochondria), lowering their output of ATP. So the muscle cells then experience an energy crisis, causing fatigue. Over time, more problems accumulate in the mitochondria because of the lack of sufficient glutathione. These issues include toxins, viral DNA, and mineral imbalances… a vicious cycle.

California Prop 65 Warning

As part of our continued commitment to QA standards for international distribution, Clar8ty is proud that Calibr8 is completely compliant with the Prop 65 requirements. We are delighted to share, that based on recent lab results, the warning is no longer necessary on the Calibr8 and Calibr8 Kids labels. You may notice an interim sticker on some packs. However, with future production runs we will remove this text from the labeling. It has never been a health risk factor and was simply a labeling requirement for California. We apologize for any undue concern or confusion this issue may have been for some.

Why was the Prop 65 warning originally required on the Calibr8 label?

At Clar8ty, we understand your concerns about the California Proposition 65 warnings originally seen on some of our product labels. Rest assured our products are safe. The warning was added to ensure compliance with Proposition 65 so that we could continue serving our customers in California.

The chemical in question is lead, an element found commonly or naturally in soil, plants, and water. The ingredient blends in Clar8ty products are 100% natural. Any lead contained in our ingredients are 100% naturally occurring in quantities below even the most stringent regulations contained in labeling required by Prop 65.

The State of California requires a warning for any product sold in California that would result in a consumer ingesting more than 0.5 micrograms of lead in a day. This is an exceedingly low level that is, by law, 1000 times lower than the level of exposure that has been shown to have no observable effect on humans or animals. Therefore, the law sets an extremely stringent warning threshold. We are proud to share that our lab results have sinced confirmed that Calibr8 meets the high bar set by California’s Prop 65 and no longer requires the Prop 65 warning label.

Many naturally grown products contain very low levels of lead that may trigger the requirement to warn. Rather than limiting our customers’ access to Clar8ty products in California, we have chosen to issue the warning specified under Proposition 65.

All of our products test well within the internationally accepted safety standards for dietary supplements (ANSI 173). If you would like to read more about the Clar8ty stringent safety standards and testing see the FAQ’s.

Explanation for the Allergen Warning

This product was produced in a facility that may also process ingredients containing milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, treenuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

Explanation for the FDA Warning

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How soon should I drink Calibr8 after I've mixed it with water

We recommend you drink it within 1 hr of mixing it with water.


Should I wear headphones?

Yes – they are by far the most effective way to listen and give the deepest immersion experience. However, the sessions can still produce results if played through good quality external speakers, but you will lose many of their unique effects and benefits, and they may affect others nearby.

Should I listen every day?

Yes, for best results listen regularly everyday.

Can I listen more than once a day?

Yes – but don’t overdo it, listening too much can be overstimulating and tiring. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Can I listen to more than one track a day?

Yes. Read your Lounge descriptions and try those that uplift or stimulate during the day to wake up, get focused etc., and those for relaxation at other times, especially if you are stressed, need to sleep or just want ‘chill time’.

When is the best time of the day to listen to QSPA®?

Most people prefer stimulating, uplifting sessions in the morning or during the day and relaxation sessions later on or before bed. However, you can play whatever sessions best meet your needs at any given time. Recommended uses can be found in your session descriptions.

What if I fall asleep while listening?

This is common, especially with new users listening to relaxation sessions. However, most benefits will still occur as the brain is still receiving the stimuli.

Is louder better when listening to QSPA®?

No. Many people assume that being a sound technology louder must be better. This is not true. Actually, for a variety of technical reasons much of our audio is designed to be most effective at comfortable to low or even barely audible volume levels. As long as you can hear it faintly in the background it will work. However, we recommend that you should experiment with volumes to find whatever levels work best for you at any given time. If you prefer them louder that’s ok too of course!

How long before I experience results?

Most people notice or feel ‘something’ happening in their very first sessions! QSPA® produces both short and long term benefits. Although neurological changes begin to take place during the very first sessions, they may be subtle at first and increasingly noticeable over the following weeks. People vary greatly in their sensitivity to this sort of technology but everybody will experience results and effects in their own timeframes as they would with any form of regular exercise. If you have a longstanding condition like depression or insomnia, we recommend you persist the full 90 days to initiate permanent change. The great thing about QSPA® is regular use will help to keep your brain in optimal condition!

I'm pregnant. Is QSPA® ok ?

QSPA® is highly unlikely to cause any problems – in fact your baby will probably enjoy the soothing relaxation sessions as much as you do. However, although we have found no research to suggest any problems whatsoever with entrainment technologies for pregnant women, purely as a precaution we recommend you consult with a physician before listening to any of our audio. A fetus is highly sensitive to any stimulus experienced by the mother – positive or negative, stimulating or relaxing. Although this suggests that a deeply relaxed mum listening to a relaxation session will be encouraging a deeply relaxed baby, we always err on the side of best practice and caution in these matters.

Where can I learn more about the different audio suites (tracks) in QSPA®

To read a description of each QSPA® audio suite and listen to sample tracks click here.

Is QSPA® technology safe?

Please read our disclaimer. If you have no serious or unusual conditions, yes – used as instructed our QSPA® audio technologies should be fine. After all, brainwave entrainment is a very gentle, but effective clinical sound technology backed by nearly 60 years of scientific research and millions have used it successfully over the years. However, please read our disclaimer to make sure it is suitable for you before ordering any suites. In the highly unlikely event you do experience any undesirable or unpleasant effects simply stop using it.

“…the use of brain tech to naturally produce biochemical changes seems preferable to the use of pharmaceuticals.” – Dr Emily L. Stevens (2002)

Are there any side-effects?

“Since there is no synthetic substance entering the system, there is little chance of producing harmful or upsetting side effects, or of producing addiction. In that sense, the use of brain tech to naturally produce biochemical changes seems preferable to the use of pharmaceuticals.” – Dr. Emily L. Stevens (2002)
The side effects are nearly all positive! However, even though QSPA® is a gentle technology it still ‘pushes’ neural growth by exercising the brain, much like lifting weights in a gym creates muscle growth. If you do experience adjustment effects, they can be minimised or eliminated by simply listening at low to barely audible levels, for shorter durations or less frequently until they subside. Adverse responses are very much the exception – not the rule! In the unlikely event that you experience intense or prolonged physical or mental discomfort please discontinue use and/or see a medical professional.

Where can I learn more about QSPA® technology?

Watch video below to learn more.

I have X Y Z condition/problem - can QSPA® help?

We realise some of you may have questions about your condition(s) or problem(s) that are not mentioned on this site or directly addressed by our suites.

As we are not licensed to give any form of psychological or medical advice or suggestions we are unable to help you in this regard. Informed assistance would be impossible anyway, even for licensed medical professionals given the many unknowns.

We therefore recommend you discuss your questions with a qualified medical professional and/or do your own research.

Additionally, you could try the free a sample tracks of our technologies available on our website – and see if you think this kind of product may be helpful.


What is QSET?

QSET is a proprietary technology advanced Nanotechnology of natural Quantum Fields, Scalar Energy, Geomagnetic Waves, Schumann Resonance, Solfeggio Frequencies, Orgone Energy, Delta, Theta and Alpha Waves that are infused into products at the molecular level for protection from EMF radiation.

How does the QChip work?

The QChip can help fortify (strengthen) the body’s own natural defenses from wireless emissions. Place the QChip on ALL of your portable and fixed electronic and wireless devices so that when you, your children, and others use those devices the QChip is in close proximity to your body’s bioenergetic field to switch it on!

What tests confirm the benefits?

Independent clinical study was completed highlighting the benefits of using the QChip product while using a cellular phone. Click here to learn more

Is the Qchip safe for kids?

Yes, the QChip is absolutely safe for kid and adults

What can I expect from using a QChip?

The QChip cannot guarantee any results. However, many users of the product experience decreased stress and anxiety, improved sleep, circulation, clarity in thinking, increased strength and energy.

What should I put the QChip on and where should I put it?

The ideal location to place the QChip on a cellular phone is on the back of the cell phone. If you are placing it on a computer or other electronic device it is advised to place it on the bottom to deter accidental

How long does it last?

The infused QSET technology lasts for life. It will not reduce or deplete over time.

Does anything enter my body?

Your body naturally has electromagnetic frequencies running through you that are in sync with the Earth. However, because of electromagnetic radiation that exsists in a modern society our natural frequencies get damaged and weakened. QCHIP restored those natural frequencies back into your body before they were effected by Electromagnetic Radiation in your environment.

Can extreme temperatures affect the QChip?

Yes, extreme temperatures will affect the QChip. Please keep away from open flames.

Are there any negative side-effects from using a QChip?

There are no negative side-effects from using the QChip.

Can the QChip go through an x-ray machine? Eg: airport

Yes, the QChip can go through the X-ray machine at the airport without any problem.

Can a magnet affect the Qchip?

No a magnet will not affect the QChip.

What happens if the QChip falls off?

If the QChip falls off the item you have adhered it to, then a new QChip must be applied. A QChip will not work if peeled off one item and stuck to another. Once it is adhered it must stay on that item being protected.


What is the recommended serving of Circul8

Mix 2 teaspoons (7 g) in 8 ounces of cold water or juice. Shake well and enjoy.

What separate Circul8 from other NO products on the market?

Circul8’s one-of-a-kind proprietary nutraceutical is unique to the market place in many ways.  This doctor formulated blend uses both the arginine AND nitrate pathway.  AstraGin is a patented herbal complex that allows you to absorb all the nutrients in Circul8 up to 60% better than without it.  This is for maximum nitric oxide production for up 12 hours per dose.  Your heart muscle needs to create more ATP (cellular energy) than any muscle in your body.  Circul8 takes advantage of d-ribose and Deep Ocean Minerals to keep your ATP levels at an optimum. Q.SET technology makes our balanced arginine nutraceutical work at deep energetic levels.  It also has a therapeutic amount of vegan friendly vitamin D3 and scientifically backed Curcumin C3 Complex and other herbals for it’s cardiovascular protection. No other product being sold today can duplicate it!

How can I explain Circul8 to someone elevator pitch so they would want to get on the product?

Close to one million people will die of a heart attack this year.  Main reason?  Lack of Nitric Oxide.  The ingredients in Circul8 are based on the Nobel Prize and tens of thousands of research articles.  It boosts Nitric Oxide which helps in preventing cardiovascular events, increases circulation and slows ageing.  Circul8 is doctor formulated and recommended.  No synthetic colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Why do I need the product if I am healthy and no heart problems?

Heart disease is called the silent killer because for hundreds of thousand of people each year their first symptom is death.  I have heart disease in my family (most do) and if I can avoid a heart attack or stroke I am going to do it!

If I am a professional Athlete why should I drink Circul8?

Athletes are always looking for an extra “edge” over their competition.  Here is what circul8 will do for them:  Increase oxygenation, cellular energy (ATP), lean muscle mass, endurance, stamina and focus.  Decrease inflammation and recovery time. 

What are the side effects of taking Circul8?

There are no “side effects” per se.  Most people just enjoy the health benefits of increasing their own nitric oxide.  Some may initially have some digestive upset (loose bowels) which typically gets better after a few days.

I have heard that arginine can trigger herpes (cold sores, etc)?

Some that have herpes may experience an outbreak.  Most do not.  As a precaution, if this is a concern for you, you might consider taking 1000 mg of Lysine at a different time than taking Circul8.

When should I take Circul8?

Circul8 is best taken away from meals (at least 20 minutes before or after eating).

Can I take Circul8 if I am taking prescription medications?

Always check with your doctor before adding something new to your daily regime.  That being said, thousands of health conscious individuals have added these nutrients into their daily program with no problem.  Ask your doctor, “is their any contraindications for me taking these nutrients?”

How much should I take?

One scoop per day is for the young (pre-thirties) that are in great health and want to support their already healthy bodies. For the post-thirty and healthy crowd 2 scoops per day is optimal. For those that are health challenged and/or older 3 to 4 scoops per day can help speed up the healing process.

How do I know if its working?

Many people will notice better energy and sleep patterns very soon after taking Circul8.  However, the best results are seen over time.  Give it at least 3 to 6 months for specific health challenges you may have.

Should I take Circul8 if I have had a heart attack previously, have a Stent, or have a Pace maker?

Always check with your physician prior to starting any new health regiment.  There are no known adverse side effects to taking Circul8 with the above conditions.  Conversely, there are many health experts that agree that using the nutrients found in Circul8 could be beneficial for such individuals.


How much time is required to build my Clar8ty business?

This is up to you. Brand Promoters may build the enterprise part-time or full-time, from home or on-the-go. Obviously, the more time you invest, the faster the growth. Once you create momentum, the required time will gradually decrease.

What are the enrollment requirements for becoming a Clar8ty Brand Promoter?

The only requirement to become a Clar8ty Brand Promoter is a one-time $29 Enrollment Fee. To jumpstart your business, we recommend purchasing one of our product packs. Click here for details.

Does Clar8ty have full-time income potential?

Yes. The Clar8ty Compensation Plan is designed to help you supplement or even replace your current income. Income Disclaimer: Individual success is a function of several factors including time invested, skill set and overall dedication to your Clar8ty business. Clar8ty does not guarantee a Brand Promoter will achieve any level of income.

Can I operate this business from home?

Yes. In fact, you can operate it anywhere in the world. This is one of many unique Clar8ty benefits.

Am I required to inventory products?

No. In fact, we discourage inventorying unless you plan to retail the product. However, you are welcome to stock extra product if you choose.

Am I required to purchase products each month?

No, monthly purchases are not required. However, to be considered Active and qualified for commissions, you must have 40QV. This may be achieved through personal-use orders, Retail Sales, or Preferred Customers.

Who can I refer into this business?

You may refer anyone, anywhere, to generate weekly and monthly commissions – no matter where you’re located. Clar8ty invites everyone to participate and unlock their maximum potential, both personally and financially.

What’s the best way to start building my Clar8ty business?

There is no one right way to grow your Clar8ty business. However, we do offer suggestions to help you reach your goals faster. Or schedule a consultation with your sponsor to create a personal action plan.

Where can I find training on Clar8ty products and the Clar8ty opportunity?

Log into your Clar8ty Office to access our entire library of training materials and resources.

Can I promote my business online?

Yes. In fact, we encourage online promotions. For a complete guide to our marketing policies, please download and review the Brand Promoter Policies and Procedures.

Can I set-up my business as a corporation?

Yes. You may provide the Tax ID of your choice. Please download and review the Brand Promoter Policies and Procedures document.

Should my wife and I sign-up as one entity or two?

A Brand Promoter may operate or have an ownership interest, legal or equitable, as a sole proprietorship, partner, shareholder, trustee, or beneficiary in only one Clar8ty business. No individual may have, operate, or receive compensation from more than one Clar8ty business. Individuals of the same family unit may each enter into or have an interest in their own separate Clar8ty businesses, only if each subsequent family position is placed frontline to the first family member enrolled. A ‘family unit’ is defined as spouses and dependent children living at or doing business at the same address.

How do I begin enrolling others?

Your new Brand Promoters’ can enroll on your personal Clar8ty website – anywhere, any time.

Culture & Community

What is the Clar8ty community?

Clar8ty is a community of like-minded individuals who believe that achieving what we want from life starts with the choices we make today. We are creating an ever-evolving culture for those who wish to participate in a larger mission and shared vision to help others achieve their full potential. As you discover Clar8ty, you’ll see our culture is not just about products. It’s about possibilities.

How can I get involved?

Begin by accessing our online resources, conference calls, and trainings. Clar8ty is offering an array of participation opportunities to both individuals and the community at large. These opportunities underscore our goal of enriching the community by expanding the knowledge of our customers and Brand Promoters.

Why do I want to be a part of the community?

Clar8ty offers a unique culture built on the principles of integrity, innovation, accountability, commitment, and responsibility. We are dedicated to attracting like-minded people who seek more from life and wish to attain their fullest potential.

What is the vision for the Clar8ty community?

Clar8ty is charting a course to improve the lives of millions of individuals and families worldwide through optimized health, financial opportunity, and personal growth. At our core is a holistic approach designed to help members unlock their full potential.

What are the values of Clar8ty?

Clar8ty recognizes the interconnection between every aspect of our lives – from the food we eat to our personal growth. Melding this interconnectedness with our holistic approach, we’ve created a blueprint for unlocking the full potential of our members and customers – The Eight Elements of Clar8ty.