One of Clar8ty’s CORE values is serving others on their path to pure health & full potential. If you have set wellness goals for yourself in 2021, let’s team up so we can help each other reach those goals. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and Clar8ty wants to help you make 2021 your year of change!

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Take the Clar8ty Wellness Challenge! We’ll offer support, accountability, goal-setting ideas, and fun Wellness Challenges in a variety of different categories such as weight management, performance, optimal health and prevention.

Join us for a Wellness Challenge or take a Challenge on your own.

Avoid Fast Food For One Week

Forego the fattening fries, gut-busting burgers, and sugary shakes – avoid fast food all week and get your nutrition back on track!





Do 5k or 10k Charitable Event

Need some motivation to get movin’? Sign up for our charitable 5k/10k and join a movement (literally!) that provides for people in need!





Sleep 7+ Hours Each Night

Don’t let a lack of sleep slow you down at work – challenge your colleagues to see who can get more than 7 hours of sleep each night this week!





Take Mental-health Breaks

Overwhelmed by overdue bills or a stressful situation at work? Set aside some time for a mental-health break and put your mind at ease!






Struggling to stick to a monthly budget? Identify two indulgences you can eliminate each month and commit to practicing smarter spending!





Volunteer and Help Out

Organize a company-sponsored service day! Venture outside of the office and come up with creative ways to volunteer with colleagues in your local community.





The Perfect Companions

Clar8ty recommends CALIBR8 and TRIN8TY as the ideal companions in your journey to achieve your Wellness Goals. This 1-2 punch offers a variety of health benefits you can receive through the entire day.


Morning Routine – TRIN8TY taps into your body’s natural process to target fat-burn, gut-health and anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps your body promote ketone activity while enhancing your energy and stamina.


Evening Routine – CALIBR8 unlocks the body’s natural primary antioxidant production at the genetic level. It promotes cellular detoxification and supports a healthy inflammatory response along with a restful sleep.