Do you or someone you know find it difficult to get into a pair of pants that have fit perfectly for years? Are you wondering if you should fight the battle of the bulge or buy a larger size? Before you answer, here’s a point mentioned on a recent episode of the Dr. Oz television show. He explained that a waist size over 35 inches in women and over 40 inches in men increases the risk for developing obesity-associated diseases or conditions. This information about waist circumference can be found on the National Institutes of Health website as well.

Many have asked, “How did this happen?”

Having some belly fat isn’t unusual. However, when the fat around your waist is extreme this can be a sign of serious health issues or even deadly. To keep yourself from getting too much belly fat let’s take a look at three main causes:

Bad Genes – Genetics is first on the list because it is the hardest to control. If you are pre-disposed to accumulate belly fat based on your DNA structure, all you can do is try to control it the best you can through healthy eating and vigorous exercising. It will mean you’ll have to work a little harder than other people to see the same results, but it can be done through diligence and dedication.

Poor Diet – Today, most people do not eat properly because they rely too heavily on processed and fast food, both of which are not good for us.

Instead, we should focus on eating a healthy balance of protein and carbs and investing in organic foods.

The type of food we eat is not the only reason we get fat; how much we eat (i.e. portion control) is also important. One trick that’s useful is to put food on a smaller plate. It tricks your mind into thinking you ate more than you did.

Lack of Exercise – Not only is a poor diet the cause of us gaining excess belly fat; a sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor also. When combined with a diet that relies heavily on processed and fast food – both high in saturated fat and calories – your body will store the extra calories it doesn’t need as fat. In many people that fat gets stored as belly fat – the worst kind of fat.

Fortunately, belly fat is one of the first fats to burn off once you start exercising. Just 30 minutes a day of vigorous activity, such as walking, running or swimming (and eating healthy) will start burning off excess belly fat. Done diligently, you should start to see results in two weeks.

Because excess belly fat is so dangerous, it is imperative that you start eating healthy and exercising. As in other types of weight loss, it comes down to burning more calories than you take in over a period of time; burn 3,500 more calories per week than you eat, you’ll lose a pound. Eventually, healthy eating and exercising will become part of your lifestyle and you won’t think twice about it.

Live healthy,

The Clar8ty Team

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