8 Elements Of Clar8ty

1. WelLness & Nutrition

The foods we eat no longer deliver the essential nutrients our bodies need every day and our bodies don’t fully absorb most supplements. Clar8ty products will change the conversation around supplementation and absorption.


2. Air

The air we breathe plays a crucial role in our overall health. Clar8ty will deliver state-of-the-art air products for our home, school, car, and office.


3. Water

Clar8ty will offer sophisticated water products backed by scientific research.


4. Exercise & Meal Planning

Regular exercise is essential for optimum health. Clar8ty will help people design an effective exercise regimen ideally matched to their lifestyle and goals.


5. Personal Development

Feeling our best involves more than physical health. Our outlook, attitudes, relationships, and habits are equally important. To facilitate the development of these ‘life assets’, Clar8ty will deliver a broad range of products, tools and knowledge designed to help people operate at peak performance levels.


6. Personal Finances

Our financial health can also influence our physical and emotional health. The Clar8ty Compensation Plan offers enormous possibilities to those seeking greater financial prosperity, as well as a clear path for achieving their income goals – now and for the long haul. Clar8ty supports moving forward toward a debt-free life.


7. Social Change

The principal of interconnectedness extends to the world at large. Embracing this principal, Clar8ty will engage and attract the leaders and organizations that are addressing the world’s most pressing issues. This connection will provide our community with numerous opportunities to affect positive social change, locally and globally.


8. Service

Clar8ty believes that every business has an inherent responsibility to be a force for positive corporate citizenship. We recognize that getting involved and making a difference requires service and action. Clar8ty will bring new opportunities to our organization to help shape the priorities that can better serve our communities.



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