Today’s parents of Generation Next face more unique challenges than ever before:  Chemical pollution in our air & food, overprescribed medications, ADHD, autism, and poor lifestyle choices.

Parents also face the challenge of providing a healthy diet for children.  The market is flooded with foods that specifically target kids, and often they are disguised as foods that appear healthy. 

The reality is most of these foods contain high amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients.

Surely, there must be a better path to ensuring the health of ourselves, and ensuring it’s also passed on to our kids.



Do you ever think about how more knowledge is available to us today than ever before on how to live a healthy lifestyle, but many kids and adults are not as healthy as they would like to be?

Unfortunately, there is so much information competing for our attention through television, the internet, social media and smart devices, that the best choices we could be making for our health, and the health of our children, continues to get lost in the noise.

The good news is, that within this flood of information, there are better ways to optimize your child’s health than ever before.  Still, even for parents who have become more educated and health conscious, busy moms and dads may find it difficult to regiment and implement with their kids.



Healthy Cell Model

There are not thousands of different diseases, but only one disease: malfunctioning cells.

Put simply, if the cells that make up your body are healthy, then you are healthy. Take care of your cells by providing them with all the nutrients they need, keep them free of injurious toxins, and disease will not happen.


Raymond Frances M.Sc with Kester Cotton (authors)


Let’s begin with Calibr8 Kids

Today, there’s a better, easier way to pass optimal health on to your children.  The solution combines the most advanced breakthroughs available in Nutrigenomics & Epigenetics, with the perfect proportions of important fruits and vegetables.  That solution is Calibr8 Kids.

Calibr8 Kids is a drink mix that’s easy to make and tastes great.

calibr8_breakfastCalibr8 Kids + Fruit + Nuts = The Perfect Breakfast


Raise Awareness with our Calibr8 & Calibr8 Kids Infographic