Health is Wealth

The Clar8ty Opportunity

Wellness Meets Opportunity

What if you could combine great health with a great opportunity to attain your financial goals, whether they’re simple or far-reaching? As a Clar8ty Brand Partner, you can share the Clar8ty story and products with others, gaining a new income source through your word-of-mouth efforts. This rewarding endeavor is 100% your business. Build it part-time or full-time, from home or on-the-go. You are free to refer people anywhere; generating weekly and monthly commissions that will help you reach your goals. Indeed, Clar8ty offers an excellent opportunity to anyone seeking more from life, both financially and personally.

Compensation Plan

Every company says or believes it has the most innovative, best paying, fairest, most lucrative, well designed and thought out compensation plans. And at Clar8ty we’re no different except to say… at least we can honestly admit that we’re not the only company who says or believe this. So… just maybe… you might think we’re a little different and stand-out from the crowd enough to get your attention. Take a look at our Clar8ty Customer Acquisition Pay-Plan…



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