Dr. Jay Wilkins

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Dr. Jay Wilkins, ND

Dr. Jay began his career in natural medicine in 1993 as a Health Consultant. He started working with homeopathy, detox programs, vitamin/mineral therapy, Electro-Dermal Screening as a diagnostic tool, herbal remedies, medicinal amazonian botanicals and other related therapies.

1999 He graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health, with an honors degree in Naturopathy. He went on to Amazonian Rainforest to broaden his understanding of traditional herbal uses.

2003 He opened a clinic in Tallapoosa, GA specializing in above mentioned therapies and added Massage Therapy, Biological Terrain Assessment (diagnostic tool), Functional Medicine and more..

2005 Sold practice and began career specializing in non-invasive cardiovascular screening and Nobel Prize winning cardiovascular nutrition. Began lecturing in South East USA on these topics. Been featured on radio, television and audio recordings.

2008 Named as a member of a ForMor International’s Medical Advisory Board.

2010 Added Health Coach to field of expertise with a focus on weight loss and medicine reduction. The approach is John Hopkins University and National Institute of Health Studies, taught and endorsed.

2011 Developed an L-arginine based nutraceutical for a progressive NWM company.

2012 Medical advisor and co-founder of “The Arginine Doc: Your Arginine Resource” web-based business, solely dedicated to all things L-arginine and Nitric Oxide.

2012 Entered the world of nutraceutical manufacturing with Axiom Nutraceuticals and Axiom Laboratories as a sales consultant and medical advisor

2013 Co-founded own nutraceutical brand and formulated flagship product.

2016 Joined Lab Genie as a sales consultant and medical advisor.

Dr. Jay is passionate about educating people to become more empowered and help them make better informed lifestyle choices.



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