Dr. Max Hicks

Advisory Board

Dr. Max Hicks – Advisory Board

Dr. Max Hicks is a Science graduate with a major in Psychology, a background in hypnotherapy and a strong interest in neuroscience and its applications in personal development and healing.

From a career as a science journalist on radio, Max went on to spend 30 years as a university lecturer in the field of communications teaching in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

He is one of very few people with a Doctorate on the social nature of listening, which he presents as a positive force that is shaped by society and technology and that can bring about both personal and social healing and renewal.

It was his academic interest in the transformative power of listening, and his direct experience of the audio himself, that first attracted him to SmartSoundTM.

Having seen the stresses and challenges faced by students increase dramatically across three decades, Max became particularly interested in SmartSoundTM potential to quickly and efficiently deliver very effective assistance for student wellbeing and academic performance globally.

SmartSoundTM. transcends cultural and demographic boundaries, is easy to use, and can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of pastoral counselling or private tutoring – which it can also be used to complement or enhance” he says.

At SmartSoundTM. Max works on product development, marketing, web content, academic research and collaborations with both government and non-government organisations and businesses.



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