Ken Grimmer

Advisory Board

Ken Grimmer – Advisory Board

Impelled by over a decade of depression, panic anxiety and insomnia during the 1980’s, Ken began extensive research and training across a broad range of therapeutic modalities.

Later in 2000, while working as a counsellor/hypnotherapist, he began searching for a therapeutic tool his clients could use at home to complement and boost the outcomes of their sessions.

Being a long time musician and sound designer with an interest in psychoacoustics and neuroacoustics, he chose the therapeutic use of sound.
Disappointed with the quality and effectiveness of existing sound therapies, including brainwave entrainment, he set out to refine and combine their most effective, evidence based components into a single hybrid format.

Thus began over 12 years of R&D; modifying and enhancing existing therapeutic sound technologies, developing proprietary new ones and conducting hospital based EEG tests under the guidance of a clinical neurophysiologist along the way.

Eventually, SmartSound™ was ‘born’- a unique new, multifunctional sound genre with proven benefits for the brain, ears, mind and body.

SmartSound™ is now registered as a medical technology with the Australian Government’s Register of  Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).



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