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Purchase 2 Circul8 and receive 1 FREE Circul8

Circul8 promotes heart health by increasing nitric-oxide which helps keep veins and arteries supple and clear. Improved circulation can propel an athlete to new levels of performance, it can also give those suffering from a cardio-vascular ailment a new lease on life. Experience this product first-hand by taking advantage of this special offer in November!

BEGINS: November 1st, 2018
ENDS: November 30th, 2018 (at midnight Pacific time)

* Non-autoship orders only. The free product will not appear in the shopping cart and will be shipped separately.

Double-Down Promotion
For Brand Promoters only

BEGINS: 11-01-18
ENDS: 11-30-18

Earn DOUBLE Bonus on Instant Success Paks, and Live Activ8ed Paks (System & Deluxe) when you sell your 2nd Pak in November.

To qualify, you must sell at least 2 of these Paks in November to personally enrolled Brand Promoters or Customers (new or existing). Once you’ve sold your second Pak, you will earn double Instant Success Bonuses on both Paks sold. And you can repeat this as many times as possible in November. (For example, when you sell your 3rd Pak in November, you will not earn double bonus until you sell the 4th Pak and then you get paid double on the 3rd and 4th Pak).

The Double-Down bonuses will be calculated and paid out in the 1st week of December.




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