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Receive a FREE Box of Calibr8 Stick Packs when you order any Live Activ8 System

BEGINS: May 9th, 2019
ENDS: May 12th, 2019 (at midnight Pacific time)

For the Mothers in your life, there is no better gift than the gift of health. This weekend you’ll receive a FREE Box of Calibr8 Stick Packs (24 servings) when you order the Live Activ8 System or the Live Activ8 System Deluxe.

*Orders must be placed between Thursday May 9 and Sunday May 12, 2019 at midnight, pacific standard time. Non-autoship orders only. The free product will not appear in the shopping cart and will be shipped separately.

All Brand Promoters Can Now Participate in the 1st 60-Day and 1st 90-Day Bonuses
For Brand Promoters only

BEGINS: May 1st, 2019
ENDS: July 31st, 2019 (at midnight Pacific time)

The 1st 60-Day and 1st 90-Day Bonuses of the Clar8ty Customer Acquisition Pay Plan (See page 13 of the for complete details and requirements) offer significant commissions for Brand Promoters who get off to a great start in their first 3 months.

There are over $5000 in commissions that a Brand Promoter can earn in just these bonuses alone.

On May 1st, 2019 Clar8ty reset ALL Brand Promoters back to Day 1. So everyone has a fresh chance to participate in the 1st 60-Day and 1st 90-Day Bonuses. And these bonuses begin once you reach the rank of 3 Star (with ranked leg requirements). This special offer does not include any star legs that were previously used in a 60/90 challenge payout? 

Below is a helpful tutorial video:



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