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Buy 2 RESON8 and receive 1 FREE CELLIBR8
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RESON8 is a wearable Jade Medallion infused with our QSET technology that emits natural frequencies creating a ‘cocoon’ of waves that shield you from harmful and unnatural electromagnetic frequencies in the environment. Wear it as a necklace, place it in the fridge to help your food stay fresher longer, use it on your skin to promote anti-aging. Wear the device for pain therapy, or for better sleep.


CELLIBR8 is an age defying night treatment that when applied to the skin works at the gene level to restore youthful function in your skin cells. Use it every night and in within 24 hours of use it will trigger your genes to release primary antioxidants, in about a week your cells will be producing significantly higher amounts of antioxidants, and within a month you should notice a visible improvement to your skin.

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