Special Offers

Double-Down Promotion
For Brand Promoters only

BEGINS: March 1st, 2019
ENDS: March 31st 28th, 2019 (at midnight Pacific time)

Earn DOUBLE Bonus on Instant Success Paks, and Live Activ8ed Paks (System & Deluxe) when you sell your 2nd Pak in March.

To qualify, you must sell at least 2 of these Paks in March to personally enrolled Brand Promoters or Customers (new or existing). Once you’ve sold your second Pak, Clar8ty will pay double Instant Success Bonuses on both Paks sold. And you can repeat this as many times as possible in March. (For example, when you sell your 3rd Pak in March, you will not earn double bonus until you sell the 4th Pak and then you get paid double on the 3rd and 4th Pak).

IMPORTANT : When you sell a product to one of your Customers, you typically do not earn a Instant Success Bonus because the level 1 pay out would go to your sponsor.  However, during this promotion, when one of your Customers purchases the Live ACTIV8 System or Deluxe Pak, and it qualifies you to earn the Double Down commissions, you will earn the Doube Down portion, while the regular Instant Succes Bonus gets paid to your sponsor like it normally does. Example: If one of your Customers purchase the Live ACTIV8 System and its the 2nd one you’ve sold, your sponsor will earn $25 Instant Success Bonus and you will earn $25 DoubleDown.



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