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I’ve lost several pounds and a total of 6 1/4 inches

My weight isn’t a major issue however, inches are a BIG deal to me! Over the past 45 days, I have had great success since I began using the Live ACTIV8ED System Deluxe. I’ve lost several pounds and a total of 6 1/4 inches in areas such as my waist, hips, chest, my upper arms, thighs, and neck.
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In the past no matter what I did I couldn’t lose those stubborn pounds and inches so you can just imagine how pleased I am to fit into jeans that I haven’t worn in years. Another fantastic benefit is that my stress levels have decreased drastically. Plus, I sleep better and I have more energy.
Marcia F. ~ California

I lost 8 pounds and inches in my waist

I had the great fortune of partaking in the Clar8ty pilot program for Live ACTIV8ED! I lost 8 pounds and inches in my waist! The best part is I have kept the weight off. So when Clar8ty says you are resetting your metabolism you truly are!
Colleen L. ~ Minnesota

the first time in 10 years that I’ve been under 200 lbs.

The first week that I tried the Live ACTIV8ED System, I didn’t change my diet because you know, I like bad things like hamburgers and pizza, I don’t do it every day but I like some of the stuff that is not really good for you. After a week I lost almost 7 pounds and I didn’t change my diet. 
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I do exercize fairly regularly, I ride my bike, I go to the the gym. The first time in 10 years that I’ve been under 200 lbs.
Kirk H. ~ California

I lost 12 lbs in 11 days on the live activ8ed system

Gudy G. ~ California

Amazing and life changing results

I wanted to write this letter to let you know of the amazing and life changing results my 16-year-old daughter Alexandria (aka Alex) is experiencing since taking Calibr8 Kids, after a few short days. Alex was diagnosed at the innocent age of 4, as Type 1 juvenile diabetic.
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She’s also an insulin resistant diabetic, which means that she has to watch her food and sugar intake. However, even when she eats all the right foods her blood sugar can skyrocket. She has even had blood sugar readings as high as 750 while in the critical care unit at the hospital. This has been nerve wracking to my family because the normal blood sugar reading should be in the 100-120 range. In fact, Alex has been admitted to the critical care unit anywhere from two to four times in a single year because of the insulin resistance becoming uncontrollable.
As time progressed over a period of seven years Alex was able to use an insulin pump instead of receiving manual shots of insulin. But, as she grew older more complications, unfortunately, showed up. Her A1C’s begin to increase and her endocrinologist felt that her blood sugar could be better controlled by taking her off the pump and going back to the manual shots.

During the past couple of years, Alex has been working toward being able to go back on the pump but we haven’t been able to get her A1C’s down into the range her endocrinologist felt comfortable with which was under 8 and it’s been 10 for over two years.

Alex started taking Calibr8 Kids and the first day we saw a significant drop and stabilization in her blood sugar especially in the mornings. On days 2, 3 and 4 she had the same great results. And it just so happened that on the fourth day of drinking Calibr8 Kids she had a previously scheduled endocrinology appointment. The first thing that happened that day at the endocrinologist’s office is that all of her blood glucose meter readings are downloaded and reviewed day by day from the last visit to adjust her carb to insulin ratio if needed. Which have been adjusted up during her last few visits.

The doctor came back into the exam room and asked Alex what she had been doing differently over the last four days and she responding asking him why he wanted to know. The doctor told her that the reading was the best they’ve been for a long time. Alex further explained, “My dad has been giving me this stuff and I’ve been drinking it in the morning.” The doctor asked her what this stuff was. And in typical 16-year-old fashion, she told him “I don’t know, it tastes like fruit punch kind of.” He continued the exam, draws her blood for the A1C work up, and a few minutes later he returned and said, ”Guess what Alex, your A1C’s are below 8 and you can go back on the pump!”

What makes this so significant, is that all of the restrictive dietary intake and countless naturopathic and medical treatments we have tried up to the time Alex began drinking Calibr8 Kids, had not come close to giving her any positive results like dropping her A1C’s or stabilizing her blood sugars. The results have been tremendously life changing and continue to get better since she has been taking the product. I am truly grateful that we found Clar8ty.
Brownie F. (devoted father) ~ Florida

Calibr8 contributed to my body’s ability to endure the strenuous exercise.

I’ve been using calibr8 almost every day and I do feel a difference– my energy levels have been more consistent and my body has been recovering more efficiently. I spent the past 3 weeks camping on a glacier in Alaska, hiking and skiing big mountains. We had long days and harsh weather.
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My diet on the glacier consisted mostly of starches and processed meat (not what my body is used to). I am surprised at how well my body handled the 3 weeks of abuse, I didn’t feel as run down as I had expected. In the past, trips like this have had me functioning at around 70% of my usual ‘athleticism’.
I stayed in top shape for the entire 3 weeks on the glacier, which was incredible. Calibr8 contributed to my body’s ability to endure the strenuous exercise, harsh environment and less than ideal diet. I drank it every day, once a day.

McKenna P. ~ Idaho

Nothing short of miraculous

My name is James Flores and I’m a 59-year-old truck driver from Austin, Texas. The first week of March I received a call from a good friend of 20 years whose opinion I trust. He told me about a product called Calibr8 because he thought I might be interested in it.
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His timing was perfect because I had been looking for a nutritional product. But what happened after I tried Calibr8 and Calibr8 for Kids was nothing short of miraculous. I had been suffering from very high blood sugar for several months and was trying everything I could think of to control the situation with very little success. Just after a few days of taking Calibr8, I noticed my sugar levels were dropping. And after about three weeks of taking Calibr8, my sugar levels stabilized, my energy levels shot through the roof and, my aches and pains just melted away. A welcome benefit since I work 60-hour weeks. I was so impressed I just had to try Clar8ty’s other products including Reson8 and Circul8. Then, I thought what the heck I’ll give the night cream, Cellibr8 a try because I work long hours and its resulted in having bags and dark circles under my eyes. So, lo and behold my dark circles and the bags are half way gone… unbelievable. I am so thankful that my friend shared these products with me and I feel privileged to be a Brand Promoter. The impact these products can have on people’s lives makes me feel like I have a mission to share the products with everyone I come in contact with. Normally I would end by saying God Bless you but he already has you just may not know it.
James F. ~ Texas

Improvements in his attention span and interaction

Our son, Christian has been on Calibr8 kids for a little over a month. He is on the autism spectrum and since using this product his teacher has noticed improvements in his attention span and interaction. His awareness is improving and does not wander away as much. It is so easy to give him a product that he happily takes and loves!
Julie & Christian B. ~ Florida

It helps me with my studies

It helps me with my studies so I can focus. And it helps me with my football so I’m not sore after football. It tastes delicious, it tastes like fruit punch.

Brock C. ~ California

When all my friends are sick, I hardly ever catch it from them

I have had asthma as long as I can remember. As a result of drinking Calibr8 daily when I play sports, or just run around with my friends my lungs don’t hurt, and I don’t have asthma as much as I use to. I use to get sick when I was around someone who had a cold, and now when all my friends are sick, I hardly ever catch it from them.
Blayne K. ~ California

I’m back to work full time

I’ve been a court reporter for 18 years and two years ago I started having shoulder and wrist pain and my doctor said I was a surgical candidate. Last summer I started having extreme pain and there were small hard ganglion cysts that I could feel in the finger joint areas.
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My middle finger was completely locked/stiff. I was not sleeping through the night because my arms would either go numb or my wrists would be throbbing. I was at the point where I was missing a lot of work and starting to worry that I was either going to be out for an extended period time for surgery or maybe even need a career change. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on vitamin supplements and antioxidants, and I’ve spent thousands on acupuncture treatments. I wanted to get a true assessment of what Calibr8 would do for me, so all the vitamins and supplements went into the kitchen pantry drawer. And I took only Calibr8, no other products. I started taking one scoop in the morning in a glass of water and actually love the taste so much I’ve now given up tea or coffee in the morning. It was about 8 days later when I was coming home with my kids from the bus stop at 4 in the afternoon, that I looked down at my arms on the steering wheel and thought, I haven’t even thought about my wrists or shoulder or pain today, and then I remembered I had slept all night. So the success continues…. I’m sleeping through the night again. After a month on the product, the cysts in my hands have completely diminished. I’m back to work full time.
Tracy M. ~ California

Not having lower back and foot pain, has been wonderful

I had a problem with my arm/shoulder, upper bicep area for over a year to the point that I couldn’t lift my arm. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even roll myself over in bed at night without tears.
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I tried every kind of essential oil that I could think of, I tried wraps, I tried doctors, I tried prescription medication and nothing was working – in fact, it was actually getting worse. My wife came to me one day and said: “I want you to try this product and see if it does anything for you.” So, I started taking Calibr8 and a couple of weeks later my wife asked me, “How is your arm doing?” I attempted to lift my arm and to my amazement, I had about 40-50% more mobility than I’ve had in over a year! I couldn’t believe it! After about 3 weeks of taking Calibr8, I had 75-80% mobility back and had considerably less pain when I would try to go past that point. A little over a month after starting the product, I had zero pain and full mobility of my arm. I was able to lift weights, play tennis and even roll over in bed! After a couple of months, I realized that my low back problems had gone away and some issues I’d been having with my feet had disappeared. The fact that my job keeps me on my feet 10 hours a day, not having lower back and foot pain, has been wonderful!

Brent F. ~ California

I don’t suffer from the usual stiffness I use to experience

In November 2016, Michelle Anton a great friend of mine attended an event for Powerteam International in Las Vegas and she mentioned that she had a terrific product that would help with inflammation. I have had severe problems with my knee and last year I had surgery on my right knee.
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Post-op, not only was I in pain my left leg was now hurting because I had been overcompensating for my right knee for months by putting extra pressure on it (sigh). With that, I returned to my orthopedist and began icing my left knee at night and taking two different medications, one during the day and another one at bedtime. The pain in my left knee had gotten so severe that I could barely walk and Michelle had noticed and wanted me to try Calibr8. I reluctantly agreed not thinking it would really work but I decided to give it a try because of my confidence in what she told me about the company and the product. When I got home I started taking Calibr8 and I was texting Michelle daily… Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and by Day 4, I noticed a real clarity in my mind, I was seeing things much clearer so I thought that was a great result but I hadn’t noticed any significant change in my knee problem. However, about eight days into taking Calibr8 I was sitting in a chair and I started to get up and noticed that I didn’t feel any knee pain. And then I realized I hadn’t taken my pain medication the last two nights nor had I taken any pain medication the day before or that day and that’s when I first knew and I remember saying to myself, “OK there’s really something to this Calibr8!” My background is in holistic medicine and I was a consultant to chiropractors and acupuncturist so I was very excited to be able to get off of the pain medication. My pain has been helped so much by Calibr8. I take it with me when I travel and love the convenience of using a powder that easily mixes with water and tastes great! I’ve also noticed that when I get off of the airplane I don’t suffer from the usual stiffness I use to experience and that’s made a huge difference for me. Needless to say I’ve been telling everyone about Calibr8. Something else that’s been amusing to me is that my boyfriend noticed the results and he wanted to start taking it. So now we’re both on the product and we’re very excited about it.
Cheryl B. ~ California

I felt great, I felt motivated and mostly I felt healthy

Last year in December I was diagnosed with a health challenge and after having surgery I was always so tired during the day. I had to go home every day at lunch to take a little nap so I could even make it through the day. Tonya encouraged me to ask the doctor to review the Clar8ty products (Calibr8 and Circul8). I was surprised when he said I could take them.
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After he reviewed the ingredients and gave his approval, I started taking Calibr8 and Circul8 right away. Within a few days, I had a burst of energy that I hadn’t had in a long time. I felt great, I felt motivated and mostly I felt healthy. Three weeks later I had a test done and when I went to the doctor he told me that I had made a full recovery from the problems that I had in December. My valves are functioning normally, my heart was in sinus rhythm and had stayed that way. I was elated. I know the Calibr8 and Circul8 are a part of this healing process. I still take it today and am so happy that Tonya encouraged me to get the products and use them. My energy is still great. If I miss a few days I can sure tell that I need my Circul8 and Calibr8. I really enjoy the natural energy that I get from it and I also feel more motivated when I take it.
Karin M. ~ California

I’ve recently lost a lot of weight 

I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and inflammation since detoxifying my body with Calibr8. Well, I was worried about all the excess skin I noticed under my chin. Wouldn’t you know it, 2 weeks ago I was introduced to something just for that called Cellibr8.
Tonya F. ~ California

My mood is better and I am more patient

I have always been an advocate for health and since having children, I researched anything I could to keep them healthy. I tried oils, vitamins, eating strict diets and so forth and still my children suffered from severe allergies and skin ailments. I was pretty healthy or so I thought. I figured my aches and pains were a part of getting older.
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I started my whole family on Calibr8 and Calibr8 kids and could not believe the difference I saw in such a short amount of time.I noticed after three days that my youngest daughter’s allergies cleared up significantly. She said she immediately felt better every time she took the Calibr8. She has been taking it for four months and has sailed through the Santa Ana winds and allergy season without the usual pills. My other daughter’s hands and feet were constantly peeling and her fingers were so bad, she couldn’t grow her fingernails. I noticed after 10 days that her skin began to clear up. Today she has no sign of that skin condition and her nails are long and beautiful. They both have said to me that they feel better physically, they can concentrate more in school and they just feel happier.I have noticed for myself that my aches and pains are gone and I have so much more energy than I did before. My sleep feels like a deep quality sleep and I wake up in the morning ready to go about my day. I too have noticed that my mood is better and I am more patient with my children. I was also taking a supplement to balance out my hormones and decided to quit taking it 6 weeks after starting Calibr8. I do not have my mood swings, hot flashes or sleepless nights due to a hormonal imbalance.I cannot say enough good things about these products! This is just my family! I am so grateful to have found a solution for our health. Thank you Clar8ty and all who have developed these amazing products!!!

Lara R. ~ California

And within two days started feeling really good!

I have back problems and Mike started me on Calibr8 last year when I helped him with the Deck. I used it for several months and ran out at Christmas, and started to feel bad after a few weeks without it. I was having extremely bad total body aches and overall just feeling run down and bad all the time.
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So I called Mike for some more “juice” and within two days started feeling really good and I have not had any body aches or joint pain since I got back on calibr8. I cannot thank you guys enough for your kindness and helping me with my overall health, your the Best !! much love and respect.
Steve J. ~ California

His calmness and attentiveness in class have both improved

My son Tanner has been taking Calibr8 kids for a couple months and is seeing tremendous results. He is in a special education class, and his teachers recently commented that his calmness and attentiveness in class have both improved so much, that they would like to try the Calibr8 product as well.
Cybill and Tanner B. ~ California

I can’t imagine how I would of made it through without Calibr8

Clar8ty offers a beautiful compensation plan that allows Brand Partners to share incredible products: Calibr8 and Calibr8 Kids. The opportunity to manifest income by sharing a cutting edge product like no other! It’s the best plan I’ve come across in the industry. With the recent health issues I have been dealing with I can’t imagine how I would of made it through without Calibr8!
Charlotte A. ~ California

I feel awesome!

When I was out surfing the other day I was having a great session and I was feeling great totally in a flow. I thought to myself, I feel like a kid again…Super calm relaxed not moody, and feel amazing! I got thinking it must be the Calibr8 I have been drinking it daily about 3 weeks and I feel awesome!
Nathan F. ~ Hawaii

Noticeable increases in energy!

Calibr8 gives me the real boost of energy I need. I eat to live, not live to eat. I am a vegan and I am very picky about what I put in my body. Calibr8 is 100% vegan and has all the daily nutrients I look for in one simple serving. Calibr8 is easy to mix with water, tastes great and has provided me with noticable increases in energy…I’ve also noticed NO more Jet lag!
Jermaine J. ~ California

Since drinking Calibr8 I feel alive again

The Calibr8 product has improved my family’s health and the Clar8ty business has improved our finances! Since drinking Calibr8 I feel alive again. We love getting our product for FREE each month by sharing the product with others!
Diana K. and family ~ California

I feel more energy and mentally sharper

With my busy race schedule and rigorous fitness training, I get feeling physically and mentally fatigued. Since I have been using Calibr8 I feel more energy and mentally sharper. I do not feel run down after a long race weekend!
Connor D. ~ California

A remarkable difference in supporting and helping me

After uterine cancer, a hysterectomy and chemotherapy, it was recommended to me that I should improve my diet, but it was a challenge to keep up with the regiment of food, spices, and supplements needed to maintain my vitality. Then I discovered that most of these key ingredients were already in just one single scoop of Calibr8! I have noticed Calibr8 makes such a remarkable difference in supporting and helping me.
Elizabeth and Duke B. ~ Hawaii

I noticed better mobility

Last Spring, after falling and tearing the tendon in my heel, I reluctantly scheduled a complicated surgery that promised to catalyze what was a slow healing process. In the meantime, my daughter, who is a Clar8ty Brand Partner, took me to the Clar8ty Launch Event and I started to take the Calibr8 product for Adults twice a day. During the first week I noticed better mobility.
Connie R. ~ California


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