Gift-Cards… The Ultimate
Customer Acquisition and Business Building Tool

By distributing our $50 Preferred Customer Gift-Cards you can begin to establish a customer base quickly and easily. And in the meantime some of your Preferred Customer will want to get their product for FREE by becoming a Brand Promoter.


  • Easiest to use business building tool EVER!!

  • Most profitable business building tool EVER!!

  • Most duplicable business building tool EVER!!

  • Qualifying Volume!!

  • Bonus Volume!!

  • Instant Success Bonus!!

  • Redemption Bonus!!

  • 4 Gift-Cards in circulation weekly at all times.
    – One new Preferred Customer each week.
    – One Brand Promoter each month.

Distributing the $50 Preferred Customer Gift Cards is the PRIMARY Marketing Method For Developing Customers and Brand Promoters For YOU and YOUR TEAM!!!




Terms and Conditions:

The Clar8ty Gift Card program represents a product sampling program for new Clar8ty Preferred Customers only. Clar8ty Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Clar8ty Gift Cards cannot be redeemed by Active Clar8ty Brand Promoters. Only one Clar8ty Gift Card can be redeemed per Household. Preferred Customer is responsible for Shipping & Handling fees as specified on Clar8ty will not accept product returns on any product obtained through the Clar8ty Gift Card program. Offer is limited by product availability. The Clar8ty Gift Card program and website can be discontinued by Clar8ty at any time, for any reason. This “Clar8ty Gift Card” contains value which may be used to purchase goods (with the exception of other Cards). This Clar8ty Gift Card may not be redeemed for cash, and the unused value remains on the Clar8ty Gift Card. Clar8ty is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged Gift Cards, or for any unauthorized use.
Use of this card constitutes your agreement to the Gift Card Terms & Conditions. Shipping and Handling fees apply.