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The Calibr8 blend contains acclaimed, patented ingredients proven to promote the body’s natural primary antioxidant and detoxification processes. 24 individual servings in each box.


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3 reviews for Calibr8 Stick Packs

  1. Mike L.

    I learned about Calibr8 and noticed a difference in how I moved, immediately! Three months later, I’m thrilled with alot less inflammation in my joints, I feel better and actually move better than ever & as a carpet cleaner, moving is part of the job!! Plus, I’m saving a ton of money!!

  2. Alyssa S.

    I stopped taking Calibr8 for about one month. I noticed a huge difference. I was way more tired and groggy. Calibr8 has made me feel way better.

  3. Colleen Lilly

    I love the calibr8 drink! It gives me more stamina throughout the day! If I notice inflammation or soreness in my body, I drink Calibr8 a few times a day. Overall my body feels healthier when I drink it! Nice taste too!

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