CLAR8TY wants to help you stay consistent and accountable with your health and wellness goals. Sign up to join the CLAR8TY FITNESS COMMUNITY 

CLAR8TY wants to help you stay consistent and accountable with your health and wellness goals. Sign up to join the CLAR8TY FITNESS COMMUNITY!

What People Are Saying…

“I have been a nurse for decades & I started using Calibr8 product a few years ago. I love it because I was able to replace numerous products I was taking with just one AMAZING product that makes me feel great!”

Paula W.

“I decided to start Trin8ty… normally when I’m frustrated I eat or drink. But now I feel more in control. I notice I make more healthy choices when I feel hungry. I am down 8 lbs. but best of all I feel fabulous and better about myself!”

Debra H.

“After one week of using ACTIV8 Fast I lost 3 lbs. and felt a substantial difference. I was sleeping better, waking up with ease and my energy levels increased! I strongly recommend this product for your overall health regime.”

Megan R.

Featured Products


CALIBR8 unlocks the body’s natural primary antioxidant production at the genetic level. It promotes cellular detoxification and supports a healthy inflammatory response.


The TRIN8TY formula combines our three most powerful products in one serving. It taps into your body’s natural process to target fat-burn, gut-health and anti-inflammatory benefits.


NEW! ACTIV8 Fast is the key to stop hunger and cravings which will support your fasting goals and weight management.

“A short time ago I was having some issues with IBS & I heard about Clar8ty’s Activ8 Biome I started it daily & it has improved my condition greatly. Thank you again Clar8ty for these amazing products!”

Arlene G.

“My energy, endurance and attitude have taken a giant positive leap! I have more energy throughout the day and sleep soundly at night. I plan to continue to nourish my body with ACTIV8 Keto.”

Mindy H.

“If I can shed 25 pounds in 6 weeks with the Live Activ8ed System, then anybody can do it! I was just going for a more fit me that allows me to feel better. 

Kent G.


ACTIV8 Biome is a 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic clinically shown to support healthy gut barrier function. This unique all-spore formula effectively RESTORES the gut.


ACTIV8 Keto acts like a metabolic switch to burn fat for increased energy, stamina, mental clarity and anti-inflammatory benefits. A breakthrough exogenous ketone fat burning formula.


BIG SAVINGS! The Live ACTIV8 System empowers you to reprogram your metabolism and manage your weight, so you can stay in control of your health.