The universe doesn’t speak English or Spanish, it talks frequency. Everything in our universe vibrates. This includes every cell, every molecule in your body. Our bodies are in resonance or tuned to natural order of vibrations and frequencies that occur in our environment, but some frequencies are unnatural and can be disruptive and harmful. EMF frequencies, the toxins in our air, water or food are other examples.

We’ve developed QSET which is a bioscalar wave nanotechnology that is infused into all our products at a molecular level. It empowers all of our pure ingredients as a carrier for ‘bio-scalar’ frequencies to help fortify, protect and maintain healthy cells against the ravages and debilitating factors in our environment and our diet.

QSET is infused into our nutritional supplements for inner cellular protection, and outer functional wearable products for external use to help harmonize disruptive frequencies.

Get deeper into the science behind Clar8ty and you’ll appreciate how unique and transformational we can be for you.

All Clar8ty products are infused with QSET technology which gives you a sense of balance, well-being, as well as a feeling of being grounded, clear-headed and focused. Using a blend of naturally occurring energies QSET technology provides a layer of protection from unhealthy frequencies that, over time, have been proven to deteriorate healthy cells.