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What is Calibr8?

Calibr8 is a great tasting powder drink mix. All natural plant based Vegan, Non-GMO, sugar and Gluten Free with no artificial additives.

This delicious once-a-day drink mix that ‘communicates’ with your genes prompting them to produce more powerful antioxidants. Made by the body! Antioxidants are the natural defenders against free radicals, the number one culprit of cellular inflammation and all chronic ailments.

What Calibr8 Does for you?

Calibr8 activates your genes, flips on the wellness switch allowing your cells to detox at the cellular level triggering you to bounce back to life full of energy and vitality.

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Chronic-inflammation has been identified by medical science as the nasty culprit of all degenerative illnesses and ailments. When properly functioning, our bodies are already coded to produce potent primary antioxidants that can inhibit destructive free radicals at the source of the inflammation in our cells. However, environmental toxins, aging, poor lifestyle and diet choices, diminish our cells’ ability to produce its own primary antioxidants. That is where Calibr8 steps into the gap.

In essence, Calibr8 helps your body help itself. It’s a detox at a genetic level.

Calibr8 unlocks new mental clarity, energy, focus establish a new calm and overall sense of wellbeing.

Calibr8 is a natural way to “ Turn On” your genes,  reboot your cells to bounce back to life.


More Energy
Better Focus & Concentration
Restful Sleep
Less Stress
Reduce Toxicity
Enhanced Skin Complexion

How Does It Work?

Nutrigenomics is one of the core technologies behind Calibr8.  Nutrigenomics is the study of identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary foods in our genome.

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Calibr8 is a nutritional drink mix that ’communicates’ with your genes prompting them to produce more antioxidant and detoxification enzymes. This allows your body to more effectively defend its cells against the ravages aging and the negative effects of toxins and harmful energies in our environment. These critical primary antioxidant enzymes serve as catalysts to cellular defense.

Sources of secondary antioxidants, super-fruits or Amazonian berries, can play a buffering role. However, these foods contain bulky molecules and their limited absorption in our bodies mean less impact on cellular oxidative stress.

What Do I Get?

Each canister contains a 30-day supply of Calibr8 drink mix. Simply drink this once a day and begin to feel more vibrant, more alive in weeks if not days.

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What People Are Saying

“Before being introduced to Calibr8 I suffered from sleepless nights due to what I came to understand was pain and discomfort due to chronic inflammation. But after a couple of weeks of drinking it once a day not only did my pain subside but I found I had more energy during the day, restful sleep at night and my overall health improved.”

-David A.

“I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, which attacks the thyroid and has made me a long-time sufferer of low energy. Since I started taking Calibr8, however, I’ve noticed I am much more energetic. I was recently able to take a 3.5 mile walk with a friend and still have enough energy to do chores around the house. I couldn’t be more pleased with my personal results!”*

Diana K. ~ California


Each canister contains a 30-day supply of Calibr8 drink mix.

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