What Is Reson8?

Reson8 is a Jade Medallion infused with our QSET technology that emits natural frequencies
creating a ‘cocoon’ of waves that increases the body’s own energy coherence.

Keep your body strong!

What Reson8 Does for You?

Reson8 is a quantum charged medallion that helps fortify the body against harmful energies and
frequencies.  The space around the device is an invisible force field that neutalizes destructive
frequencies emitted by cell phones and even naturally occurring energies that can damage our cells. The quantum charge lasts for a lifetime.

Place it on your body, wear it as a necklace, put it in your pocket so that where ever you go you are
wrapped in an invisible cocoon.

Placing it in the fridge improves the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and you can also use it to
charge water to help improve hydration benefits.  Charged water is a BETTER cleaning agent for
toxin elimination and drinking it helps promotes better nutrient absorption in the body.

Get one for your spouse, for each of your kids, and even your pets.


How Does It Work?

A Reson8 medallion creates a toroidal field or donut shaped field around itself, and the flow of this field resonates with a universal higher order.  People, animals, fruits, veggies, or any living thing within that shield maintains greater coherence and balance around is protected from EMF (Electromagnetic field radiation) emitted by cell phones and other electronic devices.  

Reson8 also deploys QSET which is a nanotechnology that is infused into all our products at a molecular level and uses natural ‘healthy’ frequencies to protect against negative factors in our environment.

What Do I Get?

White Jade medallion that is quantum charged for a lifetime.

What People Are Saying

Using Reson8 in combination with QSPA has improved my meditation. Using Reson8 in my refrigerator improves the life of my produce. Mostly, I love the peace of mind I have, knowing my kids and I are grounded from disruptive frequencies.



You can purchase a single medallion, or buy them in quantities of 2, 3, and 12 for quantity discounts.

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