Why Most Families Are Getting Shortchanged

You want to provide a balanced diet so essential for the growing years. But this often is easier said than done, especially for busy families and fussy kids. Vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t the answer. The latest science reveals these may be limited when it comes to combating the damage caused by free radicals and other bodily toxins. Often limiting these supplements are their synthetic ingredients, which aren’t readily absorbed by our digestive systems.

Calibr8 Kids Fills The Nutrition Gap

Calibr8 Kids works from the inside…inside the source of wellness, our cells. Inspired by the latest scientific findings, this unique blend is rich in natural food sources, as well as acclaimed, patented ingredients. Working in perfect sync, these ingredients help optimize our cells’ ability to create primary antioxidants.

Primary antioxidants are unsurpassed in neutralizing damage caused by free radicals and toxic stress. In fact, these protectors are millions of times more powerful than the secondary antioxidants contained in foods and supplements. Neutralizing is critical because free radicals and other harmful molecules can lead to inflammation – the underlying source of chronic ailments and diseases later in life. With primary antioxidants working damage control, vitamins and nutrients are free to carry out their intended body building duties. In essence, Calibr8 Kids ensures both sides are covered.

Keeping Kids One Step Ahead

Calibr8 Kids is designed to clamp a lid on problems, well before the first sign or symptom emerges. Bolstering its defensive strength is a diversity of pure nutrients. Among these are probiotics and essential fatty acids known to enhance brain functioning, concentration, and alertness.

Calibr8 Kids…begin your journey down a new path to optimal health.

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“My son Tanner has been taking Calibr8 kids for a couple months and has seen tremendous results. He is in a special education class, and his teachers recently commented that his calmness and attentiveness in class have both improved so much, that they would like to try the Calibr8 product as well. Tanner has been on a medication for 3 years, and since starting to take Calibr8 Kids, we were able to cut his medication dosage in half.”*

Cybill and Tanner B. ~ California