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CALIBR8 for Kids




What is Calibr8 Kid’s?

Calibr8 is a great tasting powder drink mix. All natural plant based Vegan, Non GMO, sugar and Gluten Free with no artificial additives.

This delicious once-a-day drink mix that ‘communicates’ with your genes prompting them to produce more powerful antioxidants. Made by the body! Antioxidants are the natural defenders against free radicals, the number one culprit of cellular inflammation and all chronic ailments.

Kids these days lead over scheduled stressed lives with School, Sports, Extracurricular Activities, and Social Media. Their young growing bodies need to be supported from the inside, out. Give yourself peace of mind and have your kids start their day with Calibr8!


More Energy
Better Focus & Concentration
Restful Sleep
Less Stress
Reduce Toxicity
Enhanced Skin Complexion

What Calibr8 Kids Does For You?

Calibr8 Kids works from the inside…directly from your child’s inner source of wellness, their cells. This nutrient blend is rich in natural food sources and formulated specifically for children. Calibr8 Kids helps optimize your child’s cells’ ability to create primary antioxidants.

Calibr8 activates your genes, flips on the wellness switch allowing your cells to detox at the cellular level triggering you to bounce back to life full of energy and vitality.

Calibr8 Kids is the ideal nutritional supplement for busy families and provides your child with the nutrition she or he may be missing in their diets.


Health is an inside job. Primary antioxidants made by the body are unsurpassed in neutralizing damage caused by free radicals and toxic stress. In fact, these protectors are millions of times more powerful than the secondary antioxidants contained in foods and supplements. Neutralizing is critical because free radicals and other harmful molecules can lead to inflammation – the underlying source of chronic ailments and diseases later in life.With primary antioxidants working damage control, vitamins and nutrients are free to carry out their intended bodybuilding duties.

In essence, Calibr8 Kids ensures both sides are covered.


Each package contains a 30 day supply of this one-a-day drink mix


What people are saying…

My son Tanner has been taking Calibr8 kids for a couple months and has seen tremendous results. He is in a special education class, and his teachers recently commented that his calmness and attentiveness in class have both improved so much, that they would like to try the Calibr8 product as well. Tanner has been on a medication for 3 years, and since starting to take Calibr8 Kids, we were able to cut his medication dosage in half.

Cybill and Tanner B. ~ California

Calibr8 helps me focus in school. My lungs don’t feel heavy anymore!

Blayne K.

I have more focus when I do my homework so I do better in school. I don’t wake up with stomach aches anymore and I have more energy.

Savana K.

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Calibr8 is a nutritional drink mix that ’communicates’ with your genes prompting them to produce more antioxidant and detoxification enzymes. 

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