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What QCHIP Does For You

QCHIP helps fortify your body and DNA from unnatural wireless emissions from your electronic devices. Place a QCHIP on your electronics for peace of mind. By placing a QCHIP on your electronics you will have the peace of mind that you are protecting your loved ones, and yourself for potentially harmful electromagnetic transmissions. 

QCHIP is a small almost paper-thin chip that fortifies the body’s own natural defenses from harmful and unnatural wireless emissions. Place a QCHIP on ALL of your portable and fixed electronic and wireless devices so that when you, your children, and others use those devices the QCHIP is in close proximity to your body’s bioenergetic field. Close proximity switches the chip on.

THERMAL IMAGING:  The images above were taken using thermal imaging that was taken at various intervals of a test subject using a cell phone with and without QCHIP. The red and orange show high levels of heat distribution while green and yellow are cooler.


Each QChip is quantum charged for a lifetime of use.  You never need to charge it and it doesn’t need batteries. Price: $39.95





What People Are Saying

In 2005 I had a life threatening illness and now I use the QChip on all my wireless devices. It gives me peace of mind; I feel grounded. Thank you Clar8ty for this product!”

Clay K.

How Does It Work?

QCHIP also deploys QSET which is a nanotechnology that is infused into all of our products at a molecular level and uses natural ‘healthy’ frequencies to protect against negative factors in our environment. Each QCHIP is quantum charged for a lifetime of use.  You never need to charge it and it doesn’t need batteries. Learn more about QSET


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