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Calibr8 is a great tasting powder drink mix. All natural plant based Vegan, Non-GMO, sugar and Gluten Free with no artificial additives. It helps keep your immune strong with antioxidants that help reverse the negative impact of free radicals on the immune system. Calibr8 is a nutritional drink mix that ’communicates’ with your genes prompting them to produce more antioxidants. Made by the body!

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9 reviews for Calibr8

  1. Emilio Jose

    Calibr8 is an amazing product that make it easy for me to stay healthy!

  2. Debra H (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Calibr8 for 6 years and at the very start I got 4 extra hours in my day! It’s better than any coffee! I feel awake and alive all day. No more naps for me! I’m so much more productive it’s amazing!

  3. Alyssa S.

    I stopped taking Calibr8 for about one month. I noticed a huge difference. I was way more tired and groggy. Calibr8 has made me feel way better.

  4. Mike L.

    I learned about Calibr8 and noticed a difference in how I moved, immediately! Three months later, I’m thrilled with alot less inflammation in my joints, I feel better and actually move better than ever & as a carpet cleaner, moving is part of the job!! Plus, I’m saving a ton of money!!

  5. Colleen Lilly (verified owner)

    I love the calibr8 drink! It gives me more stamina throughout the day! If I notice inflammation or soreness in my body, I drink Calibr8 a few times a day. Overall my body feels healthier when I drink it! Nice taste too!

  6. Jess L.

    Calibr8 is not only healthy but tastes really good! I love it and it makes me feel like my best self.

  7. Jessica L.

    I’ve been on Calibr8 for five months and I love how my mind and body feel energized all day without the use of caffeine. I also started Trin8ty a few days ago and I already feel more confident and have an improved mindset. The Trin8ty has helped me start healthier habits and formulate a healthier lifestyle. I’m a STEM major in college and I feel that both of these products are perfect for keeping my mind sharp and ready to take on the day.

  8. Ron Rucker, Cornville, Az.

    I’ve been using Calibr8 for 5 years and at 71 can honestly claim to be an expert mogul skier! (check out my YouTube video skiing a double black diamond mogul run). The most surprising result I got was after 2 years on it a lower spinal pain I would experience after skiing 3 or 4 runs and would linger for 2 or 3 days, starting in my late forties, probably from a compressed disc from decades of mogul skiing, totally disappeared! Another amazing result is I can still work as a carpenter and do framing on hot Arizona days for 10 hours and not feel the least bit tired! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this amazing fountain of youth!

  9. Ty N.

    Using it since 2018. Up until now, have only gotten the cold/flu about 2x (although I do take Vitamin D 5000 IU, B complex daily). If you ever have a sluggish day, then a single glass of water with Calibr8 turns the day around for me to hit the gym/exercise within 20 minutes honestly. No jitters, but increased energy (focus). This is the one supplement that I never phased out of. I love the way I feel after taking calibr8 and the effects last about 14 hours for me.

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