Maria Watson — VP Business Development

 In 1987 I lost my 3 year old son Joshua to a drunk driver. After 3 years of horrific depression and 24 hour suicide watch, I was introduced to an amino acid formula that gave me my brain back! The suffocating “fog” of depression was lifted and I was able to live again.

That amino acid formula is why I entered the supplement market. The company was an MLM and I became a distributor. I rapidly grew my retail business to 1.6 million. I left the company after testing one of the products and finding the formula did not match the label.

I then started my own company- MSI labs for the assurance of quality.
I developed formulas by working directly with scientists. That business grew to just under 7 million after becoming a supplier of a different MLM company. 
I then merged my business into Vitamin Research Products (VRP).

In 2000 I became VP of Sales & Marketing, Business Development and R&D for VRP.  I was directly responsible for 8 of VRP’s top 25 best-selling products. Along with my husband we grew the business from 8 million to 30 million. VRP sold in 2010 however both myself and my husband stayed on with transition contracts for 1 year.

Prior to the sale of VRP we built our state of the art 55k sq ft manufacturing facility. I was truly proud of our company and the quality of therapeutic formulas we were providing for our customers. We retained ownership of the facility.

After 3 weeks in retirement I accepted a 2 year contract as CMO and Product Development Director of Neogenis (now HumanN). I worked with Dr. Nathan Bryan to create SuperBeets. I worked closely with the CEO to organize all direct marketing campaigns and grew the business from 300,000 annually to 15 million.

UpSpring Baby was referred to me by HumanN after the 2 year contract ended. I accepted the task of putting the company into the supplement space. They had never had a consumable product. In 2018 the company was valued in excess of 25 million.

In 2016 I started American Nutritional Products (ANP) after learning that the company that bought VRP had once again sold the brands and vacated our building. I started over again in manufacturing my own brands.
It is in 2016 that I met Clar8ty and Robin. I sold ANP in early 2019. I have stayed in consulting roles and I am truly excited about partnering with Robin to take Clar8ty to the next level and beyond!

Additional Accomplishments:

1995- Created The Progesterone Research Institute 501C3. Raised money for Dr. John Lee for progesterone research.
2017-Created the USA International Center for Cannabis Therapy (ICCT) Certification course for Medical Professionals. Also initiated the creation of plant and production certification by ICCT.