Mikey Adam Cohen

– Leadership Council

Mikey Adam Cohen – Leadership Council

Mikey Adam Cohen is a music/entertainment/health/wellness & motivational influencer firmly entrenched in smooth jazz/rock/hip-hop R & B & EDM. Mikey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication design with an emphasis in media arts from California State University, Chico, co-founder of smooth Jazz Live, an online contemporary jazz magazine, & five large Facebook group with over 50,000 members each. He is also a TV show co-host and social media concierge for Inside The Music On LA Talk Radio. Live in 164 countries.

Also a long time history of activism. Lending his voice and mentoring to LGBTQ youth and wanting to make a difference, he set out to work with then-Mayor Maureen O’Connor of San Diego to change our school system and the streets of San Diego by being a part of the Mayor’s youth summit. He recalls meeting with Mayor O’Connor in her office with others; they made changes in the school system to create a purpose-driven curriculum that can combat violence and gangs on our streets and in our schools, also making changes in arts, etc. With his father Jack Cohen for photography which led us to create our YouTube Video Channel, which has 3.1 million hits and counting per month.

Feel free to email Mikey at Onpurposecre8tv@gmail.com