Robin Hoffman Haack — Founder / CEO

As a teenager, I couldn’t have predicted that a decision at age 16 to become a vegetarian would have a major impact on the goals I set for myself decades later. As a health conscious person and one who loves to exercise, I’ve been Vegan and Gluten-free for more than 20 years.

My life has revolved around my daughter and my family’s business, where I am CFO. Although I love our business I was always yearning for something that aligned with my passion for health.

The inescapable headlines in the media about how adults and kids being prescribed meds for every little thing had now become the new normal. With childhood diseases on the rise, it was scary and difficult for me to envision having healthy grandchildren in our world.

I was compelled to take action and do something because I knew there had to be a better way. This was my Ah-ha moment “What if I could start a company with a product that could take the guess work out of creating optimum health for kids and adults?” Every chance I had I was researching to figure out what it would take to come up with a drink that would taste good, plus… it had to be Vegan, Non-GMO Gluten Free and pure with nothing artificial.

As fate would have it, through my constant work and assembling the right team that was aligned with my mission we were able to launch Clar8ty with our flagship product Calibr8. It was developed based on the latest findings in nutrigenomics and cell science by targeting sources of dysfunction rather than signs or symptoms.
I knew I had to educate people to make the right choices to take control of their health and give them the tools to achieve optimum health, success and find their pure potential!

Please join me on my mission to making an impact in people’s lives!

Love Life,